Naughty Ball

Sep 21, 2019


In celebration of the 20th Anniversary, we are creating a cross between the infamous JammyJam and the Naughty Ball! Lingerie and Ropes...I mean Robes. This is an experience that will leave you tingling for the year!

20 years ago I created an event to bring all my beautiful friends together for a night of sensuality and excitement with a bit of naughtiness. A provocative exploration of elegant eroticism in a safe and welcoming environment, allowing people to subtly push their boundaries. “Five hours of foreplay”.

This year I am giddy that the "costume mandatory" is the JammyJam! Design your most exhilarating lingerie costume as if you were walking the Paris fashion runway! Of course, body paint and creative sexy costumes are still welcome. Less can be more. 

At the party, you will find everyone from business owners to politicians, artists, and models mingling with young urban professionals. An interactive event, a feast for the senses - delve deep into your desires, ignite your passion, and explore the unknown.

Perfect for couples or singles alike, the event proves to provide a unique experience for each attendee - arouse your partner with your exhibitionism, finally share that intimate desire you’ve been keeping a secret, or perhaps catch the eye of someone new across the room and connect in a meaningful way.

21+ Age Event

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