AB Variation:

New Work: Susie Biehl and Terrilynn Moore

Apr 18, 2019 - May 5, 2019


Biehl's new work explores the absence of light and envelopes darkness. The color black is power, fear, strength, elegance and emotion. It has a richness all it's own that is deep, mysterious, edgy and glamorous. Black is associated with the unknown or negative, but also represents power and strength. Here it is used as the predominant color. Her work is a collection of work created by integrating the textures, shapes and colors of recycled materials to form art that is imaginative, tactile and uniquely original.

Moore's show is entitled Nappy Edges—a multi-media, abstract exploration of being black in white American culture. The frustration, pain and chaos of living and working in a society that often degrades, humiliates, incarcerates and undervalues people of color. The irony of her police background serves as fodder for her art.

Opening Reception: April 26, 6-9pm

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