Next to Art and Rollertopia

Apr 16, 2021 - May 2, 2021


Charles Livingston’s show “Next to Art” is a 14 year photo compilation and investigation into the activation and definition of “what is art”. How is art activated, when does something become art, who and what gives art it’s credibility and authenticity? What does it say about cultures and societies? How are cultures and societies constructed and universally homogenized, most often stripping them of their original context, history and heritage?
Highly esteemed Astro-Anthropologist Dr. Peter S Yumi, recently led a research team to nearby planet Kelpler-22B. He worked with the University of Autotopia to catalog nearly every item of art found at the recently discovered "lost" museum which was found buried under 13 meters of volcanic ash! “The Rollertopia Museum of Contemporary Art”! The museum once housed millions of works of contemporary art from the lost and forgotten civilization known as “Rollertopia”, a world where everyone roller skates, sadly this one vibrant and fascinating civilization was wiped out by a massive volcanic eruption burying nearly every centimeter of the planet under volcanic ash! Dr. Yumi curated an art collection never before seen in our solar system!

Pirate’s guest artist in the Treasure Chest space features work by Sheridan Furrer.

There is no opening reception for this show. Masks are required. 

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