No Place to Go

Oct 22, 2020 - Nov 1, 2020


Presented by RedLine in partnership with 40 West Arts, No Place to Go is an artist-made haunted house where unrealized fears manifest in an immersive world driven by choice-making and the horror of the binary. A collaborative project directed by Serena Chopra, Kate Speer and Frankie Toan, No Place to Go is a pandemic-safe, multi-site car tour in 40 West Arts District and Wheat Ridge. The work merges the absurdist storytelling of dance-theatre with interactive visual art installations to create environments where the audience can examine and embrace the interaction between fear and desire. Each installation is a fantastical realm designed by some of the boldest, emerging, and mid-career artists in the seven county region: nolan tredway, Michaela Mujica-Steiner + Emily Marie Passos Duffy, Moe Gram, Nicole Anona Banowetz, Hayley Krichels, Hayley Dixon + Renee Marino, Chrissy Espinoza + Grace Cooper, Steven Frost, and BAGBAYSHA (Chris BAGley + Koko BAYer + Thomas ScHArfenberg).

Given the new era we are in, No Place to Go unhouses our fears, re-imagining the performance structure to support physical distancing for both the artists and the audience: dispersed sites across Jefferson County, a sound score by Mike Clark to accompany the audience as they drive between sites, an integrated app by Bryan Costanza to create a contactless experience, and a virtual reality option for audiences to experience the work from the safety of their own home.