Nourish by Culture Club

Apr 14, 2021 - May 5, 2021


Nourish is a 4-week program using art inspiration from exhibitions at CVA, providing models of art-making to assist us with being more mindful and bringing healing energy to our lives at a time when we very much need it.

Each session will begin with a mindful warm up transitioning us from the hectic world to a place of contemplation and peace.

Landscape, the body, abstraction and dreams will be individual topics to tap into to understand our interior lives better, and hopefully help us to feel more at peace in our ever changing landscape.

Materials packages will be available to purchase from CVA. Materials will be selected for use with each lesson, but these classes are based on idea generating and using art as a path to well-being, not focused on material technique. Materials packages may be purchased for $30 with all proceeds going to CVA's education programs.