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Novo Ita | Immersive Art Experience

Sep 2, 2021 - Sep 30, 2021


Novo Ita is an all-ages psychedelic immersive art, botanical, and audio / visual experience presented by Spectra Art Space and the artists who brought you the Spookadelia series in conjunction with new artists, writers, actors, and technology teams.

Set in a prosperous “Post-Event” world, where humans are living in harmony with nature, and magical discoveries are being made. Guests will use augmented reality and tactile exploration to uncover the rich story of Novo Ita. Each section of this immersive art experience is interactive, beautifully crafted, and mind-bending. Perfect for a unique date night or simply a safe, fun, and affordable way to get out of the house with the Family!

After guests journey through the city and discover all of Novo Ita’s secrets, they are welcomed and encouraged to explore the wonderful Gallery filled with local artists and makers.

For ticketing and information on booking large groups and private showings:
Please contact us via phone 720-535-7244 or email SpectraArtDenver@gmail.com

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