OhCo Euchre Tournament

Sep 17, 2018


Calling all Ohio transplants! It’s time for the next OhCo Euchre Tournament!

Come join us for the prefect combination of an awesome brewery, great people and the best game from the Midwest! The tournament is free to play in and the top teams get some great giveaways from the brewery! Bring your own partner or we can easily pair you up there. Arrive a little before 7 pm and get signed in at the far end of the bar. If you don’t want to play in the tournament you can still come enjoy a beer or just play some casual euchre on your own!

OhCo tournaments are held every other month but Joyride has euchre every Monday night at 7pm so you can stop by and get some practice! Be sure to ask about house rules for the tournament.

OhCo is a social network connecting Ohio transplants living in Colorado. If you have any question contact or 937-689-7990.
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