One Hand, One Heart: 100 Years of Bernstein

Feb 10, 2019


“[Bernstein’s] fast-burning energies, his bewildering versatility and his profuse gifts for both music and theater coalesced to make him a high-profile figure in a dozen fields, among them symphonic music, Broadway musicals, the ballet, films and television.” New York Times

Leonard Bernstein was one of the most talented and successful musicians in American history. From conducting to teaching to composing, Bernstein’s music—including the scores for his groundbreaking Broadway musicals West Side Story, On the Town, and Candide—continues to be celebrated a century after his birth. This sparkling musical tribute features a roster of incredibly talented Broadway singers, joined by host and director Scott Coulter. Celebrate Bernstein’s 100th birthday by enjoying his greatest hits from West Side Story, On the Town, Candide, Wonderful Town and more!