Open For Discussion: Stories From a Woman's Perspective

Nov 6, 2020


Show Runs October 15 - November 8, 2020
Hours: Th 12-5, Fri 12-7, Sat 12-5, Sun 1-4

The title piece “Open For Discussion” is an invitation to set aside your preconceived notions, sit back, listen, ask questions and speak with intention
and clarity. The character in the image says, “I’ve been contemplating what
you said. I’m keeping an open mind. I’d like to talk it over. Tell me more.”

This series of black and white vignettes are produced on a standard office photocopier. Using the copier as a giant camera, I placed my face, hands
and props on the copier bed to create an array of imaginary characters in various scenes to tell stories about women’s experience in America today. They've been edited only for size and color saturation, then printed in full color on a laser printer on archival paper.

This series is especially pertinent this year marking the 100th Anniversary
of the passage of the 19th Amendment affirming that “the right of citizens of the United States to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or
by any State on account of sex.” Also with the recent death of Supreme Court
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, the architect of this, and so many advances
for women and minorities.

Through this unique imagery, I’ve addressed some common business,
personal and spiritual situations experienced by women. Every image includes
a four-line narrative I’ve written in the voice of the character depicted in the scene. These perspectives arise out of my own life as well as observations of some other women’s experiences. Each vignettes tackles a nuance of life and
the accompanying humor, frustration, confusion, intimacy or spirituality.

The series moves through many realms of emotion from quiet introspection, smart humor, and dramatic exclamation, while inviting the viewer to connect
with the characters and reflect on their own lives.

Even though these images are presented in black and white the message
comes across in full color.