Opening Reception: GAS LIGHT LOVE BOMB

Nov 4, 2017

Thoughtful, theatrical and provocative, “GAS LIGHT LOVE BOMB” will electrify LoDo with the craft and creativity of celebrated neon artist Scott Young, and challenge visitors to the gallery’s inaugural exhibition to reexamine their relationship with romance.

Opening on Nov. 4 and running through Dec. 2, the show is quite simply a perfect public introduction to the newest jewel in Colorado’s contemporary crown, and K Contemporary is without question the ideal stage on which to enact Young’s uniquely narrative style.

Presented as an illuminating oratorio in three parts, “GAS LIGHT LOVE BOMB” obliquely describes the tempo of the human heart as the heady staccato of a new relationship gradually slows to plodding lento and, finally, an unconsciously hostile fermata. Edgy, unblinking and discreetly ablaze in subtext, it’s Young at his unapologetic best..