Opening Reception: Rough Gems - Art and Prayer

Feb 26, 2020


Join us for the third opening reception of our three Rough Gems curatorial open call winners!

There is a definite piety exhibited in meticulous documentation. There is reverence in the aesthetic, scribe-like translation of text. There is an undeniable devoutness in a trompe l'oeil depiction. "There is really no difference between art and prayer" considers the work of queer-identifying artists who command their mediums with extreme, devotional control. These artists achieve a spirituality in their work that seems referencial to, but transcends religions. Curated by Robert Martin and featuring works by Adam Milner, Jacob Aaron Schroeder, Joe Sinness and Jess Kohl, this exhibition utilizes the subtle strategies employed for display throughout the canon of religious art; such as hanging work slightly above eye level to evoke awe and spotlighting singular works by centering them independently at the ends of corridors, transforming Union Hall into a cathedral of artistic sanctity. See you here!