Paintings That Paint Themselves – Fred Voigt Becker

Mar 5, 2021 - Mar 21, 2021


Fred Voigt Becker explores the relationship between painter and paintings in his show, "Paintings That Paint Themselves." He asks us, in the spirit of Zen inquiry, "Who is it that paints?"
Fred's work displays the influence of abstract expressionism and color field painting. Each of these pieces began as one thing, one idea, but through the process of painting became something else entirely. For Fred this is how it works. Conceptualization must ultimately yield to the act: up to and including complete absorption.
This is the Way.
Fred Voigt Becker made fifteen paintings and prints in 2020, yet he says, "I felt compelled to include one that dates back to 1978 just for fun." Included in his show are several new serigraphs that render the gestural qualities of expressionism in the flat smoothness of screen printing.

Show runs: March 5th - 21st
Opening: First Friday, Mar. 5th 6-10pm

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