Pandas & People

Jul 18, 2021


Since Pandas & People's debut in 2013, the Colorado-based band has found themselves attracting the attention of famed artists, diehard fans, and national radio. With a unique sound blending organic instruments with layers of upbeat Pop sounds and hook laden songwriting, P&P's recorded material continues to become more eclectic with each release.

Currently in regular rotation on 93.3 KTCL, Denver's largest iHeart Alternative station, their new single, "Bad Honey", showcases a new venture into a realm of Alternative Pop, crafting an earnest and personal blend of sound, with gripping melodies, moving lyrics and edgy rhythms sections. Only weeks after their debut album release, "Out to Sea" charted in the NACC top 200 charts nationally, receiving regular airplay across the country from both college and commercial radio - subsequently leading to single's "Find You" and "On My Way" breaking into the top 10 Shazam charts in the Denver-Metro area.