Paranoid Image

May 1, 2021


Exciting Paranoid Image show, featuring “Rocksteady” Freddie Reiter of The Toasters and New York Ska Jazz ensemble! The "acoustic alternative" band Paranoid Image was created by Christopher Malone and Sara Geller. Based out of Denver, Colorado, this acoustic band has drawn from its alternative / industrial roots and infused it with South American-style rhythms to create a fun, tribal, dance-driven and musicality-focused brand of music. The band touches on everything from grunge and disco to jazz, samba, ballads, and more. They are known to have additional entertainment artists, such as tango, samba, and belly dancers as well as guest instrumentalists to take their shows to the next level. In March and April 2021, the band released three new singles, following their first album released in 2018. Fans of their music and shows enjoy the fun, unpredictable and interesting ride on which their musical journey takes them with their original songs and a few surprising and creative covers. And this journey will be even more fun with the cool addition of Rocksteady Freddie at this special show!

Christopher Malone - Piano, Keyboard, Bass

Sara Geller - Vocalist

Al Buffone - Percussion

Jim Vaughan - Acoustic and Electric Guitar

Elizabeth Nelles - Percussion, Banjo and Guitar

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