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Pat Bianchi Trio

Feb 4, 2022


Prolific and heartfelt, Pat Bianchi’s 2021 LP release, Something To Say presents the soundtrack of so many of our souls: Stevie Wonder’s music. Recorded during a global pandemic, Bianchi’s B3 arrangements transcend the anxious hum of today’s headlines and newsfeeds to inspire and revive a weary planet.

Bianchi pilots the Hammond organ into a landscape of soul- quenching arrangements of Stevie Wonder’s music. Created in the confines of a global pandemic, the explosive new album now emerges as a balm for a weary world; a must-listen record for this very moment. Powered by Bianchi’s incomparable organ prowess, this album is one of 2021’s must- listen Jazz records, a soul- quenching antidote to the last 16 months.

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