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Paul Mullikin's Orchestral Jazz Quintet

6/6/2019, 6/13/2019, 6/20/2019, 6/27/2019


Eric Gunnison: Piano, Sean McGowan: Guitar, Gabriel Mervine: Trumpet, Paul Mullikin: Drums, Andrew Rose: Bass

Paul Mullikin is excited to bring his 'Orchestral Quintet' to Nocturne, presenting Classical works through the jazz and improvisatory lens. There's endless inspiration within the classical/orchestral catalog, from Stravinsky's rhythmic madness to Debussy's lush harmonies, and Nocturne is elated to present this collection of top shelf jazz musicians as they interoperate and bring a fresh perspective to these timeless works.

Paul Mullikin is a multifaceted percussionist who performs with The Boulder Philharmonic, Colorado Ballet Orchestra, the Colorado Symphony Orchestra, and within the local jazz community of Denver.

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