Paul Ramirez Jonas in Conversation with Kendal Henry

Jan 13, 2021


Paul Ramirez Jonas in conversation with Kendal Henry abou the public nature of public art.

What is "public" about public art? And who is the public it's for? Join artist Paul Ramirez Jonas for a conversation with artist and curator Kendal Henry, who directs the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs' Percent for Art Program, about public art—how it's made, who it's for, and why it's important.

Paul Ramírez Jonas began his career in 1989. His work has sought to challenge the relationship between artist, viewer, and artwork, and many of his projects invite viewer participation. Whimsical and sincere, he thinks of his works as monuments rather than as sculptures — as situations that address a public, often without an author, and communicate collective ideals, histories, and dreams rather than the individual expression of the artist