Perfomance: Still, for Solo Piano

Oct 5, 2017

Ashlee Mack, director of piano studies, Knox College
James Romig, professor of music theory and composition, Western Illinois University

Music exists in time, which moves in only one direction. Because of this, many works of music provide a listener with a relatively narrow aesthetic path. A viewer of visual art, on the other hand, is usually free to choose which artwork to observe and determines his or her own aesthetic experience.

Taking inspiration from the Clyfford Still Museum’s single-artist setting, Still, for Solo Piano, composed by James Romig, endeavors to create a “museum of sound,” offering multiple variations of harmony and rhythm that refer to color and form in Clyfford Still’s paintings. Join Ashlee Mack and James Romig for a gallery performance of this work, with a short talk after the performance.

Lanny and Sharon Martin Galleries
Free | Registration required