Photovox December 2020: The Early Work of Ansel Adams with Dr. Rebecca A. Senf

Dec 9, 2020


We invite you to join us for December’s PhotoVox with speaker Dr. Rebecca A. Senf as she discusses her new book, Making a Photographer: The Early Work of Ansel Adams. Gain access to an unprecedented and eye-opening examination of the early career of one of America’s most celebrated photographers.

Ansel Adams (1902–1984) is famous for his dramatic photographs of the American West. Although many of Adams’ images are now iconic, his early work has remained largely unknown. In this first monograph dedicated to the beginnings of Adams’ career, Senf argues that these early photographs are crucial to understanding Adams’ artistic development and offer new insights into many aspects of the artist’s mature oeuvre.

Drawing on copious archival research, Senf traces the first three decades of Adams’ photographic practice—beginning with an amateur album made during his childhood and culminating with his Guggenheim-supported National Parks photography of the 1940s. Highlighting the artist’s persistence in forging a career path and his remarkable ability to learn from experience as he sharpened his image-making skills, this beautifully illustrated volume also looks at the significance of the artist’s environmentalism, including his involvement with the Sierra Club.

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