Piano Christmas! All-Request Show (Highlands)

Dec 22, 2019


The only concert at which you're GUARANTEED to hear your favorite Christmas songs - because you tell the pianist what to play! Chappell Kingsland, a wizard of the keys, LOVES Christmas music and knows just about every song you could ask for. Come and hear for yourself!

This is an all-ages show. There will be laughs and smiles. There will be dancing in the aisles. There will be some singalongs. There will be moments of quiet contemplation. Jennifer Kingsland will lend her beautiful voice to a few songs. There will be magic and mystery.

Tickets available at Facebook, Eventbrite, and at the door.

Christmas Hygge (an album with Chappell Kingsland performing piano solos, duets and trios!) is available on CDBaby, Apple Music, Spotify, and Kunaki

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