Mar 1, 2018 - May 25, 2018

Pieces Together: Printed and Manipulated Surfaces and Objects - Taiko Chandler, Mark Friday and Chuck McCoy.
An exhibition at the Buell Theatre beginning the Month of Printmaking with Taiko Chandler, Mark Friday and Chuck McCoy. Chandler's monotypes push the technical and material limits of printmaking in works that flow and expand, evoking the patterns and colors of closely observed worlds within the world. Friday's assemblages are a tribute to well-crafted objects. The re-working of the found object, along with the screen printed image, give the objects a new life beyond their original function. McCoy's monotypes are spontaneous improvisations of color and forms made during the process of printing on paper. Other of his works combine inkjet printing on painted and prepared panels, bringing improvisation and abstraction into another dimension.