Piggies that Paint

Sep 26, 2020


Good Life Refuge farm animal sanctuary today announced the start of
their virtual "Piggies that Paint" series including a 30 minute sanctuary tour in honor to
the sanctuary's 2nd birthday celebration. This virtual tour and painting event will be
offered through Zoom meeting and booked through the Good Life Refuge website.
The event is free and includes a 30 minute sanctuary tour to learn about the sanctuary
and its residents as well as 30 minutes of observing several potbelly pigs painting on
canvasses and creating two pigtastic masterpieces. The paintings will be raffled off to
people that donate $5 and more to the benefit of the sanctuary residents.
"The love for all living creatures is the most noble attribute of men ." - Charles Darwin
-artin Buber"
Features and benefits of "Piggies that Paint" and Birthday Celebration tour include.
• Learn about farm animals and meet adorable animals
• Experience a group of "pigcassos" showing off their unique talents
• Enjoy a smile inducing and worry free time
• Support a local non-profit and great cause