Pioneers: Four Women Who Changed Colorado's Artistic Realm

Jun 26, 2017

Filmmaker Erika O'Conor explores four unsung Colorado heroes whose lives exemplify the role that women played across the American West in championing an environment of cultural opportunity for all. Hugh Grant, Founding Director & Curator of Kirkland Museum, and Stan Cuba, Associate Curator, were interviewed for the film. Three of the four featured artists are part of Kirkland Museum's collection: Helen Henderson Chain, Muriel Sibell Wolle and Eve Drewelowe.

Pioneers captures the social, racial and gender dynamics of a defining era in American history (1870-1970) through the stories of four Colorado artists. Join us for this extended program as we watch some of this documentary with commentary from Erika O'Conor on what inspired her to create this film and how that was accomplished. Today, their legacies live on through their art, the institutions they built, and in the progressive social fabric of Colorado.