Planina & Marrakech Express

Mar 10, 2018

Planina is a mixed chorus specializing in the haunting melodies, penetrating harmonies and driving rhythms of Eastern European music. The 16-member group performs material from Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Russia, Serbia and Ukraine, as well as Rom (Gypsy) and Jewish traditions. Some songs are performed a cappella; others, with traditional instruments (balalaika, doumbek, panduri, riqq, tambura, tupan) or modern ones (accordion, flute, guitar, mandolin, trumpet, viola, violin).

Marrakech Express takes you on a sonic journey to a place where the microtonal beauty of classical Arabic music, the traditions of Andalusian and rumba flamenco music from Spain, the rhythmic influence of the Mid-East and Africa, the soulful desert sounds of the G'nawi people, and the urban grooves of Moroccan sha'abi and edgy Algerian rai music, all blend together to make North Africa a crossroads of beautiful, exotic, and ever evolving sounds.