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Post-Mortem: An Afterlife Party

Oct 23, 2021


The veil is getting thinner between the spirit world and the physical world. Samhain approaches. The death of a cycle means a new beginning. We invite you to come to honor the dead and celebrate this crossing over into the sunless lands. Let's welcome this Pagan holiday of harvest and usher in the dark half of the year. In keeping with the energy of the season, Artemesia Galerie presents a group exhibition of visual art that explores questions of the after-death, or in Latin: post mortem.

Come dressed in your finest Hallow's Eve celebration attire!

~*The Bar has drinks

~*The Fire will be lit outside

~*Leave a letter on our altar for your communion with loved ones


Jesse Peper

Diego Glazer

Sarah Larsen

Destiny Bowman

Steven Morrell

Warren King

Colleen Tully

Gail Potocki

Nature Grey Baer

MUSICAL LINEUP (time slots TBA):

Mental 69

Andy Immerman



Ronnie Allen