Pretty Good Art

May 20, 2021 - Jun 12, 2021


'Pretty Good Art' is an eclectic show, featuring 2d and 3d imagery. Jim Olson's 12 wall-mounted pieces in stoneware and wood work suggest the idea that seeking solace is a journey of sorts. The multiple figures note that, despite this past year of isolation, we are not alone. The vessel shapes infer moment forward. This transportive shape is echoed in all of Olson's work in this exhibition.
Faye Crowe's work features a garage sale of art from over the past few years, including dreamy figurative 'one of a kind' ceramic sculptures, abstract clay fired vessels, and colorful, energetic paintings. The oil and mixed media paintings present a variety of images, from figures to landscapes to portraits. Crowe seeks to create artwork that provides a multi-sensorial experience and transports the viewer to a destination.