Feb 1, 2019 - Mar 30, 2019


This exhibition features 33 regional, national and international artists at our urban gallery in the heart of the RINO art district. 

Zoa Ace, Eric Anderson, Savannah Anderson, Gwen Arkin,

Sarah Ashford, Phil Bender, Annette Coleman, Rob Crossno,

Tobias Flores, Gay Germain, Jill Renee Grant, Robert Green,

Cynthia Handel, Paul Higham, Jennifer Hope, Marston Jaquis,

Kathy Kelly, Coral Penelope Lambert, Gayla Lemke, David Lobdell,

Patricia Martin, Charles Parson, Caroline Peters, Kim Roberts,

Laura Phelps Rogers, Louis Recchia, Tracey Russell, Vy Pham,

Isaac Sandoval, Gabrielle Shannon, Joseph Short,

Deanna Sinclair, Jean Smith, Ben Woodeson