Pure Speed Drag Racing Experience

May 21, 2017

Ride in a 2-Seater Dragster! Drive a Dragster! Race Camaro's Side-by-Side!

Have you ever wanted to take a trip down the drag strip at exhilarating speeds? Well, now's your chance!
Join Pure Speed Racing to fulfill your Need for Speed!!
You can jump in the passengers seat of one of our 2-Seated Dragsters and take the Ride of Your Life, reaching speeds of 140+ mph in just a 9 second, 1/4 mile pass! But if you want to control your own destiny, let us strap you in the drivers seat of one our state of the art dragsters where you can spin the tires for a smoky burnout, stage the car at the lights, then launch off the line reaching speeds of approximately 130 mph in a full 1/4 mile run! And for you competitive types, bring you buddy and challenge him to a side-by-side drag race in one of our high-powered Camaro's, where you get the chance to win all of the bragging rights!