Rattlesnake Kate Concert Reading

Feb 23, 2019


Former Lumineer Neyla Pekarek plays her new concept album-turned-musical for one day only

Around 100 years ago near Greeley, Colorado, Kate Slaughterback came upon a migration of rattlesnakes while on her horse with her young son. To protect her child and herself, she shot as many snakes as she could with the ammo at hand and decapitated the rest of them with a no-trespassing sign. Practical frontierswoman that she was, she skinned the snakes and made a 1920s flapper dress that made her an icon. Neyla Pekarek (former cellist and vocalist of folk-rock band The Lumineers) has woven Kate's biography — including six husbands and one decades-long romance through letters — into an enthralling song cycle. Playwright Karen Hartman joins forces with Pekarek to transform this material into a fully-fleshed musical that delivers Western lore through a modern lens. Join us for this one-time-only event during the Festival Weekend of the Colorado New Play Summit featuring a performance accompanied by a live band.

Please Note: this will be a special concert piece and not a full reading.