Reginald R. Robinson – Original Compositions & Ragtime Piano

Apr 9, 2019


Self-taught genius of the keys, Reginald will perform on the Dazzle Steinway for this special evening of music. MAS Eclectic Concerts and Dazzle are pleased to bring Reginald from his home in Chicago to Denver for this rare solo recital. Before the terms Classical and Jazz were used to describe music, composers Jim Europe, Scott Joplin and other African American musicians created a unique form so special that it needed its own word to describe it – “Ragtime”. Reginald will share what this original form of music represents compared to the worlds of Classical and Jazz. In addition to impacting the music world, these composers broke social barriers and created an art form with lasting impact. Reginald continues this heritage bringing life to old favorites, unearthing little known compositions and stunning original music.

Mr. Robinson is a music historian, composer and performer without peer. Your perception of Ragtime will be expanded! This concert is for music lovers of all ages interested in an inspirational program of artistry, history and virtuosity in Denver’s downtown historic music venue Dazzle at Baur’s. We at MAS Eclectic concerts invite you to be inspired, share your love of music with friends and family and attend this rare visit to Denver by a most special musician.

“So here we have a youthful antiquarian in Reginald Robinson not only performing ragtime, but actually expanding the body of ragtime compositions by 20 original and quite appealing pieces. …Robinson is the embodiment of original intent. The music here, though his own, is dedicated to protecting and extending the classical beauty of the form with its structural formalities intact”.

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