Renditions Menu Release - Abbey Road by the Beatles

Jan 24, 2018

Every two months, the Nocturne hospitality team creates and produces a new tasting menu that seeks to express the aesthetics of iconic albums through flavor, texture, and emotion. In addition to celebrating the release of the new menu, the night includes interactive chats and course explanations by Chef Greg Weadick, Nocturne co-owner Nicole Mattson and co-owner/sommelier Scott Mattson.

Inspired by so many well crafted songs from Come Together to Here Comes the Sun and Something, we have selected the timeless Abbey Road (recorded by The Beatles in 1969) for our next Renditions Tasting Menu. Despite being created amidst much artistic tension and discord amongst the band, Abbey Road shows off some of The Beatles finest songwriting in what would be the Beatles last true studio recording effort.

Recreating this album through the jazz lens will be one of Nocturne's favorite trios, featuring Annie Booth, Alejandro Castaño and Patrick McDevitt