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7/20/2021, 7/22/2021, 7/24/2021, 7/27/2021, 7/28/2021, 7/30/2021


Rigoletto is a joke gone too far, set to some of the best-known music in all of opera. A devilish Duke and his tortured court jester, Rigoletto, clash over the jester’s beautiful daughter in this topsy turvy suspense, teeming with twists of plot and twists of fate.

Central City Opera’s 2021 Summer Festival productions of Carousel and Rigoletto will be open-air, socially-distanced performances at The Hudson Gardens in Littleton, CO. Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas and the CCO Al Fresco concert series will take place in the Opera House Gardens in Central City.

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