Rocky Burning

Mar 6, 2020


If you like pina coladas, fire-juggling circus clowns, face-swelling standup comedy, and the swanky rhythm of Fats Domino’s piano layered with the classic rock-n-roll of Jagger’s air guitar then give your undivided attention to the one and only… Rocky Burning. Labeled as the ‘Entertainment Industry’s Gandhi,’ Rocky Burning has ascended the ranks with his ritzy tunes and unfiltered comedy.

In under two minutes, you will understand how his charm cultivates a greater sense of community. Rocky Burning is a brand empire but also a human. He connects with each one of his audience members through his unrestrictive aura. So sit back, relax, and prepare for the greatest show on earth.

Originally from the native american reservation in upstate New York, Rocky’s heritage and upbringing has deeply affected his attitude toward pursuing his dream. Through his brand, Rocky is able to give back to the community that raised such a creative being; using his financial successes to create spaces of learning and expansive cultural understanding.

His newest singles, “All on You” and “Champagne Ocean Child” will soon be available on all major streaming platforms. In addition to his musical endeavors, Rocky is continually pushing the limits of his creative success. He has scheduled comedy skits which he releases regularly on his YouTube channel.

Rocky Burning is an entire entertainment brand with focus on giving back to his native american roots, while pushing the bar higher and higher for creatives with his musical aspirations as well as his comedic nature. So hurry and find out when Rocky Burning is playing in a city near you so you can tell your grandkids about the World Class Entertainer.

Special live performance Friday, March 6th at 9 PM.

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