Scaffolding Memory

Jan 12, 2018 - Jan 28, 2018

Scaffolding Memory is an exhibit of fabric photo-transfers by artist Karen Bennett. She uses images of the beam and struts of the roller coaster at Denver's Lakeside Amusement Park as a visual metaphor to explore memories. Each image in the show suggests the possible memories supported by the scaffolding structures in the photographs. For example, the shapes of the scaffold in Flights of Imagination evoke a butterfly in flight.
The process the artist used to create this series mirrors the scientific process of memory in the brain. A memory is not stored in the brain like a book, it must be reconstructed each time it is "remembered" from scattered elements in different parts of the brain. The artist used a similar process to create the works in this series. A photograph was photoshopped and copied, and then, the group of photographs were rearranged to form an abstract image that triggered a memory for the artist. For example, in Gut Punch, it was the visceral sensation of an emotion as it rippled through the body and exploded in the gut. Or in Seeds of Inspiration, it was the rush of vibrant colors coalescing to form and reform geometric.
Two pieces imagine social consciousness as a shared memory by the public. Building Social Conscious explores society's newly found abhorrence of sexual harassment and Constructing a Narrow View of the World questions the growing egocentric view of the world.