Scream Screen Scream-A-Thon!

Jul 28, 2018

All four Scream films back to back! One time only! Saturday, July 28th kicking off at Noon!
Experience Wes Craven's final cinematic legacy on the big screen! Parts 1,2, 3 presented on 35mm film!
Hosted by Theresa Mercado and Keith Garcia

Part of Scream Screen's July series Beyond Elm Street: A Tribute To Wes Craven

Not many filmmakers get to put their stamp on ONE cinematic legacy but Wes Craven was able to own two! Closing out his A Nightmare On Elm Street series with the intensely meta New Nightmare, Craven cast an eye to more deconstruction of the genre he knew so well. Partnering with newbie screenwriter Kevin Williamson to bring his original vision to life, Craven stayed attached to the Scream Quadrology for fifteen years leaving 2011's reinvented Scream 4 as his final mark on a massive 40-year career.

Celebrate Craven and SCREAM along with us with a full day at the movies as we watch the trials and tribulations of bad-ass heroine Sidney Prescott and her long battle with Ghostface and the many terrifying psychopaths behind the mask.