Seafood, Scraps and Storage Vegetable Dinner

Dec 17, 2017

The weather is getting colder, the ski resort are opening up, the days have become much shorter (thanks daylight savings...) and winter is creeping ever closer. Now I know Dec 17th isn’t technically winter yet but really it's close enough and as far as cooking goes we are already in the winter/ storage vegetable season.

I want to showcase some of these great flavors with some excellent seafood we get this time of year in a Winter Seafood, Scrapes and Storage Vegetable Dinner. The Seafood will be the main focus with some warm and hearty dishes to get you through those cold nights. Paired with some earthy vegetable and winter flavors to make you fall in love with storage vegetables.

Smoked and Spicy Mussels - Sourdough
Cabbage Salad - Potato Chips, truffle
Squid Ink Pasta - Mushrooms, Chorizo
Chocolate and Seaweed Ice Cream - Maple, Popcorn

Email me at or purchase your seat in advance online.
Looking forward to cooking for you

Date: Sunday Dec 17th
Time: 5:00pm 
Location: Gilpin St,Denver, CO
Beverages: BYOB
Seats: $40
Courses: 4