Jan 8, 2021 - Jan 24, 2021


Senderos is a retrospective of being a Mexican American in the United States. While many of us have our own immigration story to tell, Senderos is a personal perspective of growing up in two different countries. I was born in California in 1984 by age 5 we moved to Mexico, after 12 years in Mexico I returned to the US. Throughout my art journey duality has been prominent, I decided to focus on a personal interpretation of my immigration story. Art is a way to process information and history, by creating the work presented in "senderos" I am able to convey my story and construct a space to share it. The use of thread and fabric in this body of work gives this theme a personal almost intimate portrayal of my Mexican American layers. While most of my work is juxtaposed imagery, this series is a collection of self-portraits of me in different stages of my life. Throughout my art career Chicano history has been important, but it's been the last years that it has connected more intensely in my work.