Senga Nengudi: Topologies

Dec 13, 2020 - Apr 11, 2021


Senga Nengudi: Topologies is composed of more than 70 abstract and conceptual artworks by the internationally recognized artist, a prominent figure of the 1970s Black American avant-garde and Black Arts Movement.

Senga Nengudi, an artist who has always been fascinated with the concepts of collaboration, movement, and improvisation will have works on display in Topologies that include performance art, sculpture, photography and mixed media that primarily utilize found objects such as pantyhose, rubber, foam, water, sand, and machines. Her practice invites viewers to respond to environment, community, and events by connecting them to their own experiences.

Visitors can expect to see a 40-year span of Nengudi's work that she produced on both U.S. coasts, in Colorado, and abroad.