Shakebeer Presents: Henry IV Part 1

8/5/2018, 8/12/2018

Shakesbeer Summer season part 2 brings you the bloody, rebellious historical drama Henry IV pt. 1

To commemorate the longstanding tradition of drinking on, off, and all around the stage, The Wit's Shakesbeer & Grandmas House present a frothy, hopped-up history with notes of bloody a taphouse!

Join us for a FREE performance of Henry IV Part 1

Rebellion is Brewing

The Wit’s Shakesbeer performs an original abridged adaptation of the Shakespearean history, Henry IV Pt. 1

Actors imbibe before and throughout the entire show...hijinx ensue.

"Lambic" pentameter..."Vienna-style" verse—frankly, few things fit together like theatre and beer!