Shakey Graves

Aug 6, 2021

  • Image Dillon Amphitheatre
    201 W Lodgepole St, Dillon, CO 80435
  • Image Price: Varies
  • Image Starting: 7:00 PM
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The prehistory of Shakey Graves exists in two overstuffed folders. Inside them, artifacts document an immense era

of anonymous DIY creativity, from 2007 through 2010 – the three years before Roll The Bones came out and

changed his life.

There are stencils, lyrics, drawings, prototypes for concert posters, and even a zine. The latter, which Graves – aka

Alejandro Rose-Garcia – wrote and illustrated, tells the tale of a once-courageous, now retired mouse who must

journey to the moon to save his sweetheart. At the time, he envisioned the photocopied storybook as a potential

vessel for releasing his music.

"There was a lot of conceptualizing going on – trying to figure out what I wanted stuff to look like, sound like, and

be like," Rose-Garcia recalls, shuffling through the physical files on his second-story deck in South Austin. "And,

honestly, a lot of trying to keep myself from going crazy."