She Walks in Beauty

May 6, 2018

Safonia presents “She Walks in Beauty,” a choral program to honor female composers, poets, singers and players.

This “of, by, for” concept program features some local composers in addition to published music by well-known female composers. Dr. Loretta Notareschi, who teaches at Regis University, wrote a beautiful piece, “So Live!” to commemorate one of her students. In “We are Beauty,” Patty Painter-Wakefield uses the words of Safonia members as a springboard to highlight the dichotomies of a woman’s experience, where strength is seen as “masculine,” yet every woman seems to have a reserve of steel even in the worst of circumstances. Drawing from the well of works from female artists, we have developed a repertoire for this concert that encompasses a vast multitude of themes and experiences of women today and in the past, including several pieces by local Colorado composers. Much like in Lord Byron’s poem, “She Walks in Beauty”, where a woman’s beauty is described as a balance of both light and dark, the music for this concert is rich and luminous, yet also solemn at times. Please join us to celebrate women’s contribution to the arts.