Shostakovich Symphony No. 5

Oct 2, 2020 - Oct 4, 2020


The lives of Edward Elgar and Dimitri Shostakovich were irrevocably altered by their respective sociopolitical climates, and these works stand as true signposts of those tumultuous times. Elgar's Cello Concerto was his last major work for orchestra, and his most confessional, as feelings of depression, sorrow, and anguish poured forth following the horrors of the Great War and the destruction of the world he had known. Cellist Joshua Roman – a star on the rise – makes his triumphant return to Denver, lending rich tone and dark timbre to a work dominated by disillusionment and a sense of suffering that at times cries out against life, yet more often speaks in quiet anguish. Meanwhile, Shostakovich's Fifth Symphony, which he called "a response to my critics," sprang forth during a time of tremendous oppression and conflict leaving listeners to wonder whether the piece is a triumphant work of patriotism or a hidden note of subversion. The performance begins with a beautiful lead in from Kevin Puts in "...this noble company", an American Pomp and Circumstance inspired by Elgar's recognizable piece by the same name. This processional for orchestra provides a stunning entry point for a performance you won't want to miss.