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Small Great Event - VR Arcade

Apr 28, 2019


For generations people have imagined the existence of a virtual world where there are limitless possibilities. That time is now! The Virtual Reality Arcade provides a world where the impossible is possible. This Small Great Event will bring together guests for an exciting shared experience that can be enjoyed with friends new and old.

The VR Arcade provides a unique opportunity to experience the latest and greatest developments that Virtual Reality has to offer. From intro level playing to higher level immersive experiences this one-hour VR Arcade event is exciting regardless of your interest in gaming.

Guests will begin with First Contact, an official Oculus experience designed to be an entryway to VR. Experience the magic of ‘presence’ in VR, exploring moments that feel as real as they are fantastically impossible.

Based on guests comfort level and experience with VR they will also be able to try games like Rush and Dead and Buried during this Small Great Event.

Small Great Event Series
This unique series of events was created with the purpose of bringing people together in order to build memorable connections. Each event is thoughtfully designed and kept small to provide deeper meaning for guests while exploring new parts of the city.

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