SnowCats Cat Convention

12/8/2018, 12/9/2018


SnowCats Cat Convention, a 2-day event celebrating the splendor of cats and the humans that love them, is coming to Denver this December.

The wait is over for cat lovers all over Denver. Presale general admission tickets are on sale for the first-ever 2018 SnowCats Cat Convention, which is taking place December 8th to 9th, 2018. SnowCats is the only cat convention to bring together pop culture, music, art, and of course, feline lovers to the Rocky Meowntain region.

The event is also set to include iconic industry celebrities and celebricats alike, such as:
• Baloo: Adventure Cat, and Henry the Colorado Dog’s famous partner in crime
• Kitten Lady: Kitten rescuer, humane educator, and unwavering animal advocate
• MoShow: Cat rapper and Meow-sician
• Brandon Zavala: Founder of SnowCats Cat Convention and inventor of the first-ever Cat Wine
• Dr. Lynn Bahr: Veterinary hero and cat doc
• And, more to be announced in the coming weeks

Attendees will have the opportunity to adopt cats and kittens looking for good homes from a unique Cat Café & Lounge experience provided by the Denver Cat Company, partake in the Catchelor Contest, shop unique feline brands, enjoy food and event-themed drinks, like Meowmosas and Meowgaritas, and more.

There will be countless cat-related memorabilia and attendees can party to cat-themed musical performances throughout the day. The cat-centric event has partnered with its vendors to dedicate a portion of the funds to multiple feline charities chosen by the vendors themselves.

“I want attendees to go all out, be immersed, and have a great time with their family and friends,” said Brandon Zavala, Cat Wine entrepreneur and founder of SnowCats Cat Convention. “They can shop around, learn about our furball friends, adopt kittens looking for a home, and connect with the highly-energetic and super spirited feline community that’s brewing right here in Colorado. This is an opportunity for us to make Denver not only a dog city, but a cat city, too.”

Presale tickets can be purchased online at at a discounted rate until October 1st, 2018.

Dates and times:
• Saturday, December 8th from 11 am to 5pm
• Sunday, December 9th from 11 am to 5pm

About SnowCats Cat Convention
Snowcats Cat Convention is a 2-day pop culture, music, and art event dedicated to cats and the humans that love them. The first of its kind in Colorado, SnowCats is part expo, part educational, part entertainment, and all-out cat-centric. Attendees and their families can experience all things cats, including celebrity meet-and-greets, explore the latest products and vendors from across the world, adopt little furballs looking for new homes, and also take part in supporting charities dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of our feline friends. For more information, visit:

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