Spotlight II: A Study in Connoisseurship

Jan 26, 2018 - Apr 29, 2018

Spotlight II: A Study in Connoisseurship, A Newly Discovered Painting from the Yukon

This second feature in the Clyfford Still Museum’s Spotlight series—which highlights select works through small, highly focused exhibitions—explores a double-sided, undocumented early painting which may have been made in Alberta. Presented to the Museum in 2013 as a potential Clyfford Still work with an intriguing backstory, the painting is on long-term loan to the Museum for further research and study. Using this painting as a case study, Spotlight II illustrates how professionals examine unauthenticated artworks to determine their authorship. In the Museum’s first use of a double-sided frame, the exhibition presents verified Clyfford Still artworks in juxtaposition with the undocumented painting’s front composition, as well as other Still works that could relate to the painting’s reverse composition.