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Storytelling Workshops with David Crabb

Aug 10, 2019


David Crabb is a Moth host and educator. He has been helping people tell their true personal stories for almost ten years.

As a storyteller and speaker, he has been featured on The Moth, NPR & RISK! As host of The Moth, David has been traveling the world with some of the best storytellers from around the globe. As a memoirist, he has extensive experience in what it takes to make a story work on the page. As a solo artist & actor who has also directed the work of others, I have over 20 years of experience in public speaking & performance strategy.

Whether your goals are personal, professional or artistic, he can help you craft funny, compelling, educational narratives out of real-life experiences in many mediums and for a wide variety of purposes.

On this two-parts storytelling workshop you will learn to find your own stories, craft them, present them and get feedback.

You can listen to David Crabb’s stories at The Moth Radio Hour HERE.

You can read what The New York Times has to say about David Crabb storytelling class HERE.

“Storytelling ONE: Story-Mining & Structure"

In this all-level workshop, students will learn methods to mine for stories from their past experiences and find out how to structure their stories in ways that keep their audiences engaged. Before leaving the class, each student will find and pitch a compelling personal story to the group.

2 hrs
Saturday 8/10 10:00AM
$60 (includes lunch)
@ House Of Pod (2565 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80205)

“Storytelling TWO: Story Workshop"
Part TWO focuses on performance strategy and delivery as participants from Storytelling ONE get the opportunity to tell their stories to the group for review and feedback. Each student will have a recording of their workshoped story.

2 hrs
Saturday 8/10 1:00PM
$60 (includes snacks)
@ House Of Pod (2565 Curtis Street, Denver, CO 80205)

* To participate in Storytelling TWO, Storytelling ONE workshop is required.

**By purchasing both workshops you get a discount applied at the end.

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