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Survival of the Slowest

Oct 22, 2021 - Jun 1, 2022


Sometimes being slow has advantages. In “Survival of the Slowest” you’ll meet live animals such as a two-toed sloth, a green iguana, a chameleon and several other species that manage to thrive in a world where large, strong and fast animals are often at the top of the food chain. Explore dozens of habitats teeming with live plants and animals, and discover their counterintuitive adaptations and surprising strategies for survival.

Guests will learn how general biology concepts apply in the real world and how survival in the animal world is all about trade-offs—some are cold-blooded, others warm-blooded; some are adapted to need food less frequently than others; and some find unique ways to hide from their adversaries.

Most people know why it is good to be bigger, stronger, faster. But evolving to be slower as a mechanism for survival? Many animals have evolved to slow down as part of their survival strategy. “Survival of the Slowest” encourages guests to slow down and consider some of the advantages of being slow and some of the disadvantages of being fast.