Swing Je T'aime Gypsy Jazz

Sep 1, 2018


Swing Je T'aime is a gypsy jazz ensemble based in Denver, Colorado and founded by composer and Gypsy jazz guitarist Aaron Walker in 2009. The band produces a uniquely entertaining blend of Gypsy, Swing, Classical, Jazz, and various forms of World/Folk music.

The performers involved are all in-demand professional musicians with advanced degrees in their craft. At its inception, Swing Je T'aime was strongly influenced by the late Django Reinhardt's Hot Club of France. While the Gypsy threads remain bright, the overall tapestry of the group's shows has grown to include many complementary styles. The main ideal which backs this endeavor and guides the music choices is Aaron's deep feeling that entertainers are meant to entertain, and truly excellent music is timelessly accessible to all. The goal of Swing Je T'aime is to create artistically fine music which serves its audience.

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