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Tamalada: Tamale Making Class

Dec 11, 2021


A "Tamalada" is a festive Mexican tradition, where members of the family come together to make tamales. Lots of tamales.
This year we will be hosting our first annual Tamalada classes at Que Bueno Suerte! These events will feature hands-on instructions on how to make tamales, as guests will be making their own tamales to take home. We will be hosting a Tamalada on each of the first three Saturdays of December.

We have also partnered with local Tequila vendors to provide instruction on how to make a traditional margarita and/or tequila-based cocktail for the holidays.

Below is what is included with each ticket purchase:
Two Drinks Per Person
One Meal Per Person
One Dozen Tamales to Take Home

A guaranteed good time by ALL!

Additional tamales can be purchased to make and take home in increments of a dozen.

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