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Tattered Cover Classic: Stolen Kisses

Jun 2, 2019


Presented by Tattered Cover Bookstore and KUNC Radio
Tickets are just $1.00!

Special Thanks to the Criterion Collection!

In this third chapter in the irrepressible Antoine Doinel’s cinematic life, Truffaut’s doppelgänger is dishonorably discharged from the army, tries out a number of odd jobs, and plays court to Christine, an old girlfriend (Claude Jade). With whimsical empathy, Truffaut shows an engaging young man slipping into adulthood, while celebrating the power of romantic love: Delphine Seyrig as the older, sophisticated beauty who fascinates Antoine is nothing less than superb, and—despite passing years—one never forgets the mysterious stranger who accosts Antoine and his fiancée in the park to declare his undying love for Christine.